Laverne M Bissky

Inspirational Adventurer

Deep down we all want to make a difference. Know you have something to offer the world? Are you ready to have the impact you are longing for? 

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 “ a Breath of Fresh air”



Laverne M. Bissky

Three things you need to know to change the world!

Audiences experience:

* impactful and positive stories

* easy to implement tips

* engagement

* a changed perspective

TED style luncheon

and dinner presentations

with impact!

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Laverne Bissky is an inspirational adventurer whose spirit is contagious. Sensitive, witty, experienced and wise, Laverne will "enlighten your load" and have you running home to pack your bags—or unpack your baggage—so you can explore your world with as much enthusiasm as she and her remarkable family have explored theirs.  

Sue Jacques ~ The Civility CEO™

“Laverne, I very much doubt that I would have the strength or courage to carry the responsibilities that your life has given you.”

Dr Gabor Mate ~ Author

“In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts”

What Can I Do for You?

Keynote: 3 Things You Need to Know to Change the World

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